10 Best Quotes Of Amitav Ghosh

1. About justification

Amitav Ghosh quote about justification

To use the past to justify the present is bad enough—but it’s just as bad to use the present to justify the past.

2. About need

Amitav Ghosh quote about need

That unthinkable, adult truth: that need is not transitive, that one may need without oneself being needed.

3. About home

Amitav Ghosh quote about home

People like my grandmother, who have no home but in memory, learn to be very skilled in the art of recollection.

4. About knowledge

Amitav Ghosh quote about knowledge

Nobody knows, nobody can ever know, not even in memory, because there are moments in time that are not knowable.

5. About imagination

Amitav Ghosh quote about imagination

I could not persuade her that a place does not merely exist, that it has to be invented in one’s imagination.

6. About freedom

Amitav Ghosh quote about freedom

In a way the better the master;the worse the condition of slave,because it makes him forget what he is.

7. About need

Amitav Ghosh quote about need

Need is not transitive, one may need without oneself being needed.

8. About wisdom

Amitav Ghosh quote about wisdom

The absence of food doesn’t make a man forsake hunger-it only makes him hungrier .

9. About fiction

Amitav Ghosh quote about fiction

[T]he great, irreplaceable potentiality of fiction is that it makes possible the imagining of possibilities.

10. About communication

Amitav Ghosh quote about communication

Speech was only a bag of tricks that fooled you into believing that you could see through the eyes of another being.